by Annabelle B. After October, the month of breast cancer awareness, it is now November’s turn, which is commonly known as Movember. Basically, it consists of men letting their moustache grow for the entire month in order to raise money to give back to victims of cancer.  It is such a good cause and even some of our teachers took part in it this year! If you, a family member or even a friend want to be part of MOV-EMM-BER next year, I invite you to follow M. Perron, M. Blaise, M. Philippe and a bunch of other teachers’ path!! … Continuer de lire MOV-EMM-BER

The bullies and the bullied

In the stories that you hear everyday, the bullying stories, there’re always 2 characters. The kind one and… the evil one. Or if you prefer, the bully. He/she is always 100% evil. It’s a person that really seems not to care about the victim.  I mean, just listen to one of these! The person has no specifics interest, he/she isn’t described having any others emotions. He/she just bullies the person. And by that I mean it’s his/her entire life!  The bully’s friends just exist to laugh at the bullied! They have a character as empty as the bully does. I … Continuer de lire The bullies and the bullied


by Annabelle B. the feeling of your hand in mine still longer in my mind i don’t even know what i did wrong for you to be now long gone   your laugh remains a memory used to be such a sweet melody your eyes, holding so much light i wish i could look into them for another night   your voice whispered sweet words promising you’d give me the world your lips leaving kisses on my skin i never knew they could make such sin   your perfume still intoxicating my hoodie that you wore on days that were … Continuer de lire Longing


by Maëli Morneau I strive, I fight, I struggle. I wish I could be free like an eagle. Simply enjoying my flight. But instead I struggle, I strive, I fight.   Just for what? Just for another shot. If it could achieve me. So I can rest finally.   Somewhat I’m still here. Full of fears and all drear. Not quite alive. I fight, I struggle, I strive.   Coming back. Going on track. Without purpose. Extremely cautious.   Now I shed my tears. Ending just like telomeres. Everything feels empty. And I’m imprisoned in my body.   Can someone … Continuer de lire Pointless