Letter to you

by Maëli Morneau Dear you, You, who may have enlightened my days. You, who may have made them darker. Whatever you did, for the worst or the best, changed me forever. Thank you for the impact you left in my life, because what I am now is due to what I experienced in the past. Now, I learned through adventures that nothing lasts. Even if I could have the possibility of going back to bring a different end. Still, I wouldn’t change a single thing of what happened. There were some dark moments when I thought I could never see … Continuer de lire Letter to you

I miss you

by Annabelle Bergeron, secondary 4 I wish some type of pill could cure a broken heart just like we do when we are ill to give us a new start   I wish you were still here but it’s now been a year you’re up in the sky and I’m down here trying not to cry   you spent sleepless nights staying up to write words you wish you said before the tears all shed   but I know the pain persists it took you down and I know you tried to resist but in the end, you just drowned … Continuer de lire I miss you


by Mariam Palud, secondary 5 On the dried earth and uprooted trees, on the seasons and past years, earth, sun, water or fire, flow my tears   On the tears of all women, on all closed books, on each blackened line, flow my tears                              On the destroyed printing houses, on the freed wings of the dove, on the mantle of queens, flow my tears   On the torrent of silence, on the tops of millennia willows, on my screams of pain and my unconfessed thoughts, flow my tears   On the freedom to fly, on the unleavened bread of the … Continuer de lire LIFE

Criminal Minds Chapter One

by Louis Desfossés, secondary 5 “Hey, Wanderer, what are you taking?” asked the bartender.  “Whisky,” I answered flatly. The man turned on his feet and went to make me a small glass of whisky, answering other clients at the same time. In the meantime, I began looking around at where I was. It was a small bar located in a lost town in the vicinity of London. Made mostly of wood, with windows located on each side of the rectangular building, it let the clientele feel somewhat peaceful, even more so in these times. There were several round tables, made … Continuer de lire Criminal Minds Chapter One