Charles’s Random Facts of Randomness

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    On average, a person blinks about 16 times in a minute. Which means you’ll blink about 960 times in an hour. Knowing that a person is awake for 16 hours, this means that you’ll blink about 15360 times per day, 107520 per week, 322560 per month and 5 591 040 per year. Knowing that a blink lasts about 0.2 seconds and that an average person lives for 71 years, that means you’ll spend about 79392768 seconds or 2.5 years in total darkness, excluding the time you spend sleeping!

2.  11 + 2 = 12 + 1 = 13  

« Eleven plus two » is an anagram of « Twelve plus one.  « There are 13 letters in both « Eleven plus two » and « Twelve plus one. »

3. Scientists have found a legal drug that is even more addictive and powerful than cocaine, and everybody has access to it.It is known to cause euphoriaand when prevented from this drug, it can cause great psychological and sometime real physical pain. The chemical formula of this drug is C8H11N02 + C10H12N20 + C43H66N12012S2, which is a mix of dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin.This drug, also known as « Love », seem to be very popular on Valentin’s day.

4. Lucy, the oldest human skeletonever found, was named after the song « Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds » by the Beatles, because this song was playing in the background as they found her.

5. And average person takes about 7 500 steps each day,which means you’ll take 2737500 a year or 2745000steps on a leap year. This means that in your average 71-year lifespan, you’ll walk 148 104, 225 kilometersbefore you die, which is about 5 the earth’s circumference!

6. How fast do you think you’re going right now? If you’re sitting down as you’re reading Capture d_écran 2018-04-19 à 14.29.22this, then you probably guessed 0 km/h, which is right… compared to Earth.Because if you look at our planet from the space station, then you’ll notice that Earth is rotating at about 1 670 km/h according to NASA, and that Earth is travelling at 30 km per second, or roughly 110 000 km/h, while the whole Solar System travels at 70 000 km/h inside the Milky Way, which is rotating at 1.09 billion km/h!As you are reading this, your total speed in space is 1 090 000 182 000 000 000 000 km/h, which is 1010 times the speed of light! That’s right, you’re travelling that distance in an hourand only spending 50 calories reading this.

7.  If you were to unfold Pluto like a flat sheet, this big ball would fit inside of Russia, which is not so surprising: both are basically made out of ice and cold weather. Also, notice that I use « Big ball » to describe Pluto, because it isn’t a planet since 24 August 2006. It is now known as a dwarf planet. But don’t call Pluto a midget yet, because Pluto has five moons. Charon, the biggest and closest, is so heavy that it alters Pluto’s orbit.

8. Rubik’s cube has been around since 1974, yet some people struggle to solve this puzzle.Capture d_écran 2018-04-19 à 14.30.03 But I don’t blame them, because for a 2x2x2cube, there are 3 674 160 combinations possible. For a classic3x3x3Rubik’s cubes, there is a total of 43 252 003 274 489 856 000 combination possibilities, which is more than how many stars there are in the observable universe!The biggest Rubik’s cube ever invented was a 33x33x33cube, which would have so many possibilities, it would fill up a page and a half. If you want to know how many possibilities there are for an X number Rubik’s cube, you can use this really neat web site :

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