Interview with Sophie

Have you ever had the chance to talk to people from the other end of the world? Learning about the different lifestyle, government and climate is always fun, and even more when it is a country you don’t really know about! Alice Lemelin and I, Catherine Bergeron, had this chance a few weeks ago. Sophie Steinle, a Swiss 16 years old student, came to Canada for a whole year in the context of a language exchange. Her first language is Swiss-German, and she came in Quebec city to learn French, in the goal to speak all the languages of her … Continuer de lire Interview with Sophie

Charles’s Random Facts of Randomness

On average, a person blinks about 16 times in a minute. Which means you’ll blink about 960 times in an hour. Knowing that a person is awake for 16 hours, this means that you’ll blink about 15360 times per day, 107520 per week, 322560 per month and 5 591 040 per year. Knowing that a blink lasts about 0.2 seconds and that an average person lives for 71 years, that means you’ll spend about 79392768 seconds or 2.5 years in total darkness, excluding the time you spend sleeping! 2.  11 + 2 = 12 + 1 = 13   « Eleven plus two » … Continuer de lire Charles’s Random Facts of Randomness